Nationwide Polishing

Nationwide Coverage

We provide you with a "high performance floor design,” which includes a stunning appearance, durability, and an affordable maintenance and life-cycle cost.

A polished concrete floor is analogous to a precision timepiece, hand-crafted by a world recognized watch manufacturer. Because we offer nationwide polishing, no mater where you live, not only can you have a polished concrete floor that is aesthetically beautiful, but you can have concrete flooring that has been fully tailored for your specific needs and will stand the test of time. Also, our polished concrete floors cost less than inferior options.

Ask yourself the following questions:

A: Do you want a floor that initially looks great, but costs a fortune to install, costs a fortune to maintain, requires constant repairs, demands down-time because of repairs and will eventually need replacement in one to two years due to failure?


B: Do you want a unique, customized, concrete polished floor that possesses originality along with beauty, an affordable installation cost, a cheaper maintenance cost than any other floor, requires minimal repairs, demands minimal to no down-time for repairs, provides for cleaner air, causes an improved work environment and possibly never needs to be replaced?

If You Answered “B” Then You Need To Call Us Now.

Concrete Polishing and Restoration provides nationwide polishing. If you are located in the continental United States, we will provide you with our excellent nationwide polished concrete service.

Nationwide Coverage

Covering 48 States in areas such as:

This is not a comprehensive list of our nationwide polished concrete coverage. Our excellent nationwide polishing services are available to anyone in the continental United States. If you want high quality, nationwide polished concrete, at a low price, please Request a Quote.

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If you are ready to make your concrete floors shine like never before, with reduced maintenance and a lower floor finish price per foot cost, then it's time to complete the form below. NOTE: At this time CPR only offers polished/sealed concrete on commercial, industrial, and retail spaces. Unfortunately, we do NOT polish exterior concrete nor do we quote residential work.

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to arrange the lowest possible concrete polishing cost.

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